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Behind Find Me Crafting

Hi! My name is Nichole - also known as Nikki. I love to craft and since my love language is gift giving, I combine these two passions and create gifts for pretty much every occasion. Since crafting is my stress relief and my favorite way to create, you will often Find Me Crafting. Here are 10 fun things to know about me:

1. I love many types of crafts and will switch back and forth between them.
2. I love naps. LOVE them.
3. I have an obsession with stovetop popcorn covered in an unhealthy amount of salt.
4. I can't eat dairy or gluten.
5. Reading is another favorite hobby, and if I can find a book that combines fantasy and romance, I am in heaven.
6. I love Disney and especially Mickey Mouse and will use those themes in my crafts as much as possible.
7. Christmas, Christmas, Christmas - love all of it - the music, the decorations, the special events etc.
8. In a previous life I was a newspaper reporter and loved my job.
9. My family is my everything and I love hanging out with them.
10. Marvel movies are my favorite and I can watch them over and over.
I can't wait to craft with you!

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