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Make Christmas merry for the crocheter in your life

Holiday gift guide for crocheters cover

Whether you need a gift for someone who crochets (or who wants to learn), or you want to pass along some ideas to the people shopping for you - I've got you covered! This guide has links to all the best crochet tools and accessories - the ones that are fun to use and make crocheting even more enjoyable.

The best gifts:

Pictures and descriptions of the 8 best gifts to give crocheters.

This post may contain affiliate links, which means I get a commission if you decide to make a purchase through my links, at no extra cost to you.

Armour Clover crochet hooks

1. Crochet hooks - This brand is the absolute BEST! I've tried a lot of different brands - even the very expensive ones - and these are the ones I can't live without. They have a very comfortable, hand-friendly grip that works no matter how you hold it, and you can crochet for hours with little to no fatigue. The end is a cross between tapered and in-line hooks giving them the advantages of both. The metal shaft is very smooth, so it glides in and out of yarn easily. They are a game changer and the number one gift to give anyone who crochets or wants to learn!

A crochet/knitting backpack that holds yarn and accessories.

2. The bag to carry it all - This backpack has room for all the yarn and tools you need to crochet on the go. Or, it's also great for keeping everything contained when NOT on the go and just working from home. It is so very cute and also very functional. It has holes on the sides so you can crochet while keeping your yarn safely inside. The pocket on the front can hold your hooks and accessories. Plus it comes in six colors! It's an all-around win!

Clover pom pom makers in seven sizes

3. Pom Pom Maker - If ever there is a need to make a pom pom (and there are always reasons to make a pom pom - for hats, the ends of blankets, as decor) this is definitely the way to go. These tools make the perfect uniform pom with ease and they stay secure! This set can make seven different sizes - seven!

Pretty Warm Designs crochet stitch markers

4. Stitch markers - This set of stitch markers clips on and off yarn quickly and easily and looks gorgeous while doing it. And they come in a small case that is perfect for storing them so they are easy to find when it's time to use one.

Crochet hook and accessories zippered case

5. Crochet hook case - This case holds all of the tools including the hooks with the larger handles! It has plenty of room for stitch markers, scissors, tape measure and just all the things. No more rifling through a bag struggling to find the right hook or scissors. And it zips shut so everything stays put when not in use.

Rainbow crochet scissors with a leather cover

6. Scissors - This set of scissors is small but mighty and it's beautiful to boot. Aren't they just the cutest things?! And the best part is the leather cover to slide onto the ends so you don't have to worry about them damaging a crochet project, the bag you are carrying them in, or your hand while you are searching for them!

Eight yarn needles with a bent tip and a plastic case.

7. Yarn needles - Weaving in ends isn't anyone's favorite part of a crochet project but these yarn needles make the job easier and quicker. The bent tip at the end really does make it faster to weave in and out, and they come with a case so they don't get lost in your project bag.

Pink tape measure with a keychain

8. Tape Measure - This is another tool every crocheter really has to have but this one is cute and has a key chain so it can be attached to the outside of a project bag and be used with ease.

Printable crochet project planner

Printable double-sided Christmas/winter crochet care cards.

Printable double-sided crochet care cards

If you or someone you know wants to get organized for crocheting in the coming new year you can find a printable crochet planner here at my Etsy shop. I've also got Care Cards for sale with general any-time designs, and Christmas ones so you can include one with any crocheted projects you are giving away.

Happy crafting!


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