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Get ready for animals to peek out of the cutest baby blanket

A crocheted blanket made of Hobby Lobby's I Love This Yarn with a cat applique peeking out of the square.

Are you ready to make the cutest blanket ever?! I designed this to be a baby blanket, but if you made more squares you could make it however big you'd like. There are eight different animal appliques peeking out of the blanket and I just love how this turned out! And did I mention that the pattern is free? Yep, each month I will release a different part of the pattern and by the end of November you'll have all you need to make this adorable blanket.

My primary goal when designing the Cuddle Buddies Blanket was to include all of the cute animals.  I figured it would be best to sew them onto a fairly solid block so no big holes or granny squares. Plus, I like blankets that don’t have a lot of holes because I think they are a bit warmer.

And I wanted the squares to be easy to make because I love having a quick, mindless pattern to work up while watching tv or traveling in the car, especially when I have to make a lot of them. (If you struggle to crochet while traveling in a car or on a plane – try these motion sickness patches. They were a game changer for me!

I accomplished my goals for the design and now you can make one too! Let's dive in.

Watch the video tutorial here:

Supplies for the Cuddle Buddies Blanket

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G 4 mm hook - these are my absolute favorites!

Yarn – I used Hobby Lobby’s I Love This Yarn in White, Sea Blue, Stonewash, Dark Country Blue and Sungold


14 stitches wide, 13 rows – of lemon peel stitch


Crochet abbreviations:

ch – chain

sc – single crochet

dc – double crochet

A graphic with I love This Yarn in five colors and the details of how many squares to make of each other for the Cuddle Buddles crocheted blanket.

Squares by color for the Cuddle Buddies Blanket

The blocks in this blanket are created with the lemon peel stitch. If you haven’t used this stitch before, let me tell you, you’re going to love it. It’s beginner friendly but has a lot of texture so it looks more complicated than it actually is.

I made a total of 30 blocks and here is the breakdown by color:

7 of Sea Blue

7 of Stonewash

8 of Dark Country Blue

8 of Sungold

Hands holding a Sea Blue blanket square crocheted with the lemon peel stitch.

Square Pattern for the Cuddle Buddies Blanket

Ch 21 (or an odd number if you are making the blocks larger or smaller)

Row 1 – sc in the 2nd ch from the hook, dc in the next ch, (sc,dc) repeated until the first ch – finish with a dc (20)

Row 2 – ch 1, (sc, dc) repeated (20)

Repeat row 2 until you have a total of 17 rows. Finish off and weave in the ends.

Each block is about 5 ¾ inches wide and 5 ½ inches tall.


You can whip these blocks up lickety split and be ready to join them together to make the body of the blanket next month when I give you all the details on how to attach them!

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Feb 11

I'm looking for your link to the I love you hobby lobby yarn on Amazon and can't find it on your post.

Also I want to make a girls baby blanket. Could you recommend bright colors for me in that particular yarn

Replying to

Here's a link to Hobby Lobby's yarn: I Love This Yarn | Hobby Lobby | 925958. And as for colors, I happen to love alllll of their colors and I think a blanket in Tropical Pink, Keylime, Peacock, Hot Orchid and White would be beautiful together.


Jan 27

Thanks Nikki.. it's a very cute pattern.. but I'll be making it for me as we don't have any babies in my family!!

Replying to

Sounds great!

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