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Free rustic crocheted pumpkin pattern to bring on all the fall feels

Three rustic crocheted pumpkins with sticks for stems and leaves in the background.

I LOVE fall! I love pretty much everything about it – the colors, the weather, the smells, the pumpkin spice everything. Every year when my kids start back to school in August I tell myself to hold off on the Autumn candles and decorations until at least September. And every year I say "the heck with that" and get it all going about mid-August.

If you need to give any gifts this time of year – a thank you gift, a “hey, thanks for putting up with my child at school” teacher gift, birthday present or even a "just because gift" – one of these, or heck, one of each of the three sizes – would be a classy, unique idea and is inexpensive too. It’s a fantastic gift because who doesn't love fall?!

Five crocheted pumpkins - two large variegated, two medium and one small as well as a large mug that says "pumpkin everything."

You can go here to get details about some other color combinations I made that I love.

And don’t forget to make one for yourself because they are an easy way to decorate and get all the fall feels going in your home!

Video tutorial:


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optional to decorate the pumpkin:


  • The small pumpkin is about 3 1/ 2 inches tall before adding a stem and I used about 2 ounces of Hobby Lobby’s I Love This Yarn in Sungold.

  • The medium pumpkin is about 4 inches tall before adding a stem (I did squish mine down quite a bit as I was making the sections so your’s could be a bit taller). I used about 2 1/4 ounces of Hobby Lobby’s I Love This Yarn in Terracotta.

  • The large is about 6 inches tall before adding the stem and I used almost 3 ounces or most of the entire skein of Loops and Thread Impeccable in Falling Leaves.

Stitches used:

ch = chain

sl st = slip stitch

sc = single crochet

hdc = half double crochet

blo – crochet in the back loops only

hdc in front third loop – watch the video up above to learn this stitch


-Rows one and two together create a camel stitch.

*I first saw this technique at where you can find tutorials for a ton of really cool crochet stitches.

Rustic Pumpkin pattern:

The number of stitches for the small pumpkin will be listed first, medium pumpkin stitches second, and the large pumpkin third.

Ch 24(32, 42) – this will be the height of your pumpkin

row 1 – sc in the 2nd ch from your hook and in the next ch, hdc in the next 21 ch, sc in last two ch (23, 31, 41)

row 2 – ch 1, sc in the first two through both loops, hdc in the front 3rd loop in next (19, 27, 37), sc in last two stitches (23, 31, 41)

row 3 – ch 1, sc in the first two, hdc in blo in next (19, 27, 37), sc in the last two (23, 31, 41)

rows 4 – (30 rows for the small, 42 rows for the medium and 54 rows for the large) repeat rows 2 and 3 (23, 31, 41)

Create the Rustic Pumpkin shape:

Step 1 - Finish off and weave in loose ends. It helps to get them out of the way before the next steps.

Step 2 - Place RIGHT sides of your crocheted rectangle (the ridged outside of your pumpkin) together. Using a slip knot, attach a very long piece of yarn about 2-2 1/2 yards long at the end you started at. This will be used to close the sides and then gather the bottom of the pumpkin.

Slip Stitch closed the sides of a crocheted orange pumpkin.

Step 3 - Sl st the last row you did with the first row and pull the yarn through to finish off and secure your seam.

Closing the bottom of a crocheted orange pumpkin using a tapestry needle.

Step 4 - Using the same piece of yarn, run the tapestry needle as a gathering stitch and run in and out of the top stitches or your tube and pull your yarn to close the end. This is the bottom of your pumpkin. Weave your needle across the opening if need be to further secure the end and close any gaps.

Step 6 – Knot your yarn, weave in the end and cut.

Step 7 - Stuff the pumpkin with Poly-fil. Don’t over stuff as it would pull your stitches apart and show your stuffing.

Closing the top of a crocheted orange pumpkin by tightening a gathering stitch.

Step 8 – Use another long piece of yarn at the top and weave in and out around the top with a gathering stitch leaving a tail about 6 inches long at the start. Pull both ends of the yarn to begin closing the hole, leaving a gap big enough for your cinnamon stick or stick stick (not a typo. Just trying to describe an actual stick) to fit into.

Hot gluing a stick into the center of an orange crocheted pumpkin to create a stem.

Step 9 – Into your remaining opening, hot glue in whichever type of stick you are using to make the stem. Once I apply some hot glue I insert the stick down into the Poly-fil until the end sticking out is the right height.

Step 10 – Finish tightening the yarn to close the opening around your stem. There will be small gaps between the stick and your pumpkin. Leave these for now as they make the next step easier.

Running a strand of yarn down the sides of a crocheted orange pumpkin to create the sections.

Step 11 – If you don’t want to create sections on your pumpkin, finish off and weave in the end of your yarn. If you DO want to create sections, use the yarn on your tapestry needle to thread the yarn into the center of the top of your pumpkin and push it out the center of the bottom. I find it easiest to do this by squishing the pumpkin until I can grab the end of the needle.

Step 12 – Bring your yarn up along the side of the pumpkin to the center of the top and reinsert.

Step 13 – Push the needle back through the center of the bottom. Bring the yarn back up a second side of the pumpkin directly across from the first to create a second line.

Step 14 – Repeat a total 6-9 times to create 6 to 9 sections on your pumpkin. This is completely up to you and how you would like it to look. If you want to make more, go nuts. You do you.

*If you are making the large pumpkin, I struggled to bring the needle through from top to bottom because the needle isn't long enough and it would get lost in the Poly-fil. Instead, you can run the needle under a few stitches at the top opening, bring the yarn down the side to create the section, and then run the needle under a few stitches at the bottom center. Repeat this process to make all the sections.

Hot gluing shut the small gap of an orange crocheted pumpkin around the stem created from a stick.

Step 15 – Now close any gaps next to your stem by adding small amounts of hot glue to the stick and squishing the opening up against the glue and holding in place until it cools.

Decorate your Rustic Pumpkin:

Wrapping green grapevine wire around a Sharpie marker to create spirals to attach to a crocheted pumpkin.

Step 16 – It's time to decorate!! You can tie raffia around the stem, or use my favorite – green grapevine wire. I wrap the wire around a pencil or marker (depending on how tight you want your loops) until it is about as long as I want it to be and then slide it off the pencil or marker. Now just stretch a small section near the middle until it is open enough to place behind the stem at the base and then twist the wires around the stem itself to attach. A small amount of hot glue will adhere the wire to the base of the stem. Then I just stretch and play with where I want the wire to lay until I like the look of it.

Step 17 – Use the link below to subscribe and get the Happy Fall gift tags to attach to your beautiful rustic pumpkin!

Subscribers receive a link to download Happy Fall gift tags.

Happy Crafting!

A completed orange rustic crocheted pumpkin with a Happy Fall gift tag attached.

This pattern MAY NOT be copied, reproduced, altered, published or distributed in any way. You MAY sell finished products made with this pattern, but please credit me (Find Me Crafting).


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