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Mugs can be cute all year round with crocheted hats

Compilation of marshmallow mugs wearing crocheted hats for holidays and seasons.

Marshmallow mug hats are amoung some of my favorite things to crochet - they are adorable, super fast and are great gifts for sooo many people. They look awesome on a tiered tray, are small enough to give to teachers for their desks and for college students to decorate their tiny living spaces with, and kids and adults alike love them! I personally love to decorate for all the holidays and these are a quick easy way to change things out each month.

Nine marshmallow mugs wearing crocheted hats for January, February, March, April and May.

I have free patterns for the whole year available - and most months have not one, but two designs! There are 20 patterns in all.

Nine marshmallow mugs wearing crocheted hats for May, June, July, August, and September.

If you are a seasoned crocheter you will love making them, and if you are a beginner they are a fantastic way to improve your basic skills and learn some new ones. I have video tutorials for all of them so you can get some help along the way if any of it sounds confusing.

Six marshmallow mugs wearing crocheted hats for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

All of the written patterns and links to the videos are here:

And if you wanted to print them out, I have the pdfs available too.

I hope you have as much fun with these patterns as I did and that you find loads of people to gift them to!

Happy crafting!


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