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Be the one who brings a little sunshine into their life

A cellophane bag with yellow items in it and a tag that reads "A little bag of sunshine to brighten your day."

You know those times when someone you care about is having a not-so-great day? The kind of day when someone in your life is sick, has just broken up with a significant other, is struggling with a test or exam, has gotten bad news, needs a mid-winter pick me up, or is just in general not feeling great? In other words, a day when someone you love needs some sunshine in their life. Those times call for a Little Bag of Sunshine.

This bag can be customized to suit the person you are gifting it to and the only criteria is that the items in it are sunshiny yellow. Fill up a cute little bag, attach this adorable free tag from down below, tie with some ribbon and you have a gift that says “I love you. I'm here for you, and you are not struggling alone.” Between my daughters and I we have given out bags for all of these reasons and we believe it lightens the load of the recipient just a bit.

A gift tag tied with yellow ribbons that reads "a little bag of sunshine to brighten your day."

I love to make up a bunch of them at one time so I have them on hand when I need them. Or, it's also nice to have a bunch of the supplies at the ready so you or your kids can make one up fast when someone needs a little sunshine boost.

Video tutorial is here:


yellow ribbon – about 12-14 inches to tie the bag

The cute tag you can get at the bottom of this post

yellow items

It can be quite fun to walk into a store for the sole purpose of seeking out yellow things. You'll be surprised by how many you find. And if you have a small child with you, it can be quite the game. Here is a list of some of my favorites:

small hand sanitizer – Bath and Body Works carries some phenomenal smelling yellow ones and if you buy ahead you can get them on sale

hand soap or shower gel

small lotion

bath poof


lip balm – Carmex and Burt's Bees are my personal addictions and are both yellow

nail polish

small candle

small package of tissues

Wet Ones wipes

Play-Doh (doesn't this brighten everyone’s day?!)

small notebook or journal

rubber duck


individually packaged cheese crackers

Juicy Fruit gum

Swedish Fish

Golden Oreo Minis

Peanut M&Ms

LemonHeads candy

Lay's individual bag potato chips

Funyun individual bag

small tub of Nilla Wafers


Trident Pineapple Twist gum

Sour Patch Kids


Fudge Strip Cookes

butterscotch candies

True lemon flavored water packets

Shower gel pouf

Banana Laffy Taffy

yellow highlighters

a mug

Brightside Skittles

Putting it together:

Putting yellow items into a cellophane bag to make a "little bag of sunshine."

Putting one together is quick and easy. Just arrange your yellow items in your cellophane bag so that they look cute and you can see them all. This takes a bit of shuffling and rearranging.

Putting yellow items into a cellophane bag to make a "little bag of sunshine."

Tie off the bag with some ribbon and the sunshine tag with a hole punched in the top.

I have one final step that isn't required but adds a polished look to your gift. Quickly and lightly burn the cut edges of your ribbon. This keeps them from fraying which

If you wanted to include larger items or just more of the smaller ones, you can also use a box lined with yellow tissue paper or a small yellow bucket or basket - whatever floats your boat.

Four cellophane bags filled with yellow items and tied with ribbon and a gift tag that reads "a little bag of sunshine to brighten your day."

Free gift tags that read "a little bag of sunshine to brighten your day."

Get ready to hand out a little sunshine!

Happy crafting!!


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