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DIY Beaded Pens That Are Even More Fun with Disney Characters on Top

Twenty beaded pens made with Disney Doorables and two celllophane wrappers with care cards.

I love all things Disney. Seriously, it’s a bit of an obsession I’ve had as long as I can remember. I talked myself out of buying Disney Doorables many times because I told myself I didn’t know what I would do with them once the excitement of opening them had passed. Then I found this idea and I knew just what to do with them – beaded pens!

As much as I looooove these pens (which is a whole heck of a lot), everyone I have shown them to loves them just as much. From kids to adults, everybody wants one (or two or three). They are a fast, easy project with a very high cuteness factor.

Watch the video tutorial here:

Supplies to Make Beaded Pens with Disney Doorables:

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  • Beads – I found most of mine at Hobby Lobby but did find some silicone beads on Amazon. You want the holes in the center of the beads to be big enough to fit onto the metal rod in the pen, but not so big that the bead slides around and leans to one side.

  • Glue – this kind is a gel so it doesn’t drip as much but definitely holds like crazy.


Let's start making beaded pens with Disney Doorables:

Hands holding an orange beadable pen and the removed end cap.

Start by unscrewing the piece at the very top. If you are only using beads on your pen, save this cap to glue on to hold all the beads in place. If you are topping the pen with a Disney Doorable, feel free to throw this cap away.

Make sure the metal rod is securely screwed into the pen portion.

Finger pointing to the small bit of metal rod still visible after putting beads on a beadable pen.

Begin testing out beads to see what you like. Put them on and take them off (and repeat) until you find a look you like. Leave about 1/8 of an inch at the top open. You need enough of the metal rod to screw the Disney Doorable or cap back on, but not too much because you want the either the Disney Doorable or cap to sit tightly to the top of the closest bead.

Fingers putting glue on the end of a beadable pen.

Before you begin using the glue, make sure you are in a well-ventilated area because the fumes from this stuff are no joke.

Apply glue just to the 1/8-inch top of the post – the portion with the screw. I don't apply glue to the beads because it would make a mess and isn't necessary. If the Disney Doorable or cap are close enough to the top bead everything will hold together without any additional glue.

Hands screwing a Moana Disney Doorable onto a beadable pen along with other beads.

Screw the Disney Doorable or cap onto the metal post. I apply pressure with my left hand while screwing the Disney Doorable onto the top with my left. Once again, the goal is to have the Disney Doorable or cap sit tightly onto the top bead.

If you are only using beads. apply the glue and screw the cap back on.

Make sure everything is sitting the way you want it to.

A left hand holding a beadable pen with three silicone rose beads and a Fauna Disney Doorable glued to the top and the right hand holding Krazy Glue.

I will say that if you have any beads that are directional, you might want to add a tiny bit of glue to hold those in place.

And if you need to glue any silicone beads like these silicone flowers that would look weird shifted around, Crazy Glue works the best of the glues I tried.

A hand writing with a beaded pen that has a Mickey Mouse Disney Doorable glue to the top.

Let the pens dry/cure for 24 hours.

Now if you are giving these away, you can put them into a cellophane bag with a pen care instruction card you can print from down below. I also like to include a pen refill in the bag so the recipient will be able to use the pen for quite a while.

Have fun making a million combinations for yourself and everyone you know because everyone will be asking for one!

A printable of five different Pen Care Instruction Cards to be used with beaded pens.

Happy crafting!


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