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A quick sewing project with big benefits

Four handmade microwave potato bags and three potatoes.

I want to let you in on a little secret. It’s a super-fast way to make a delicious meal that is so easy kids can make it themselves. And during the summer, on weekends, over any school break or even as a quick dinner – this is how I avoid having to make an additional meal to feed all of the teenagers and kids in my house because they can do it on their own.

My secret? A microwave potato bag. Now, I know what you’re thinking- what the heck is a microwave potato bag? Well, it’s a fabric bag made of all cotton. Into this bag you throw one to four cleaned potatoes. After a short 5-minute trip to the microwave you have the perfect baked potato (or four) on your plate ready to load up with your favorite toppings. That is not a typo- you can have a moist, fluffy baked potato in about 5 minutes.

Potatoes inside a microwave baked potato bag.

Your next question might be “But can’t I just microwave potatoes without the bag?” Yes, you sure can - if your goal is to have shriveled, dried out baked potatoes. No thanks.

Plus, you can make one of these bags almost faster than you can make a baked potato the conventional way, and that's not an exaggeration. The “pattern” to make this quick sewing project is just the measurements for a rectangle and there are only a few straight lines to sew.

These are fantastic to give away because they are perfect for kids and adults alike, college students, shift workers, and anyone else you can think of. My kids loved it when I packed their lunches with one of the potatoes thrown into a Thermos with their favorite toppings in containers in their lunch boxes.

Make one for yourself and once you experience how awesome they are, make them for everyone else!

A cotton microwave baked potato bag with a tag attached with instructions for use and care on it.

And, I have a free tag for you at the bottom to attach to any potato bags you give away that have the instructions for use and for washing.

Go here for a video tutorial:

Supplies for a microwave potato bag:

-All supplies in this project HAVE to be 100 percent cotton. These means no glitter or metallic threads in the print. These bags will be used at high heat and anything other than cotton could start on fire. Yep, FIRE.

Let's get started making a microwave potato bag:

Hands making a fabric sandwich of two pieces of cotton and cotton batting to sew a microwave baked potato bag.

Once you cut all of your fabrics, make a fabric sandwich. Start by laying the batting down with the long sides at the top and bottom. Next, lay the lining on top of the batting with the right side (pretty side) up. Finish your fabric sandwich by placing the exterior fabric right side down.

Clipping the three layers of fabric and batting together to sew a microwave baked potato bag.

Align all of the edges and clip it all together. Mark a 2-inch section on one of the short sides that you will NOT sew in the next step. I used green clips here to differentiate from the other clips. This is where you will turn the bag right side out after you sew it.

Starting at the bottom of the section you aren’t going to sew, sew around all the edges with a ¼ inch seam allowance and stop where you marked off the do-not-sew opening.

Hands using fabric scissors to clip the corners near a seam made while sewing a microwave baked potato bag.

Clip your corners but do not clip the seam you just made. This helps reduce the bulk in the corners so they flip out easier.

Hands flipping a fabric microwave baked potato bag right side out after sewing the three layers together.

Flip the bag right side out with the batting in the middle and make sure the corners are pushed out completely.

A  stick used to poke out the corners of a fabric microwave baked potato bag sewn on a sewing machine.

You can use a pencil, chop stick or a stick like this one to poke these areas out.

Press the whole thing with an iron.

Hands folding the edges of an opening closed on a fabric microwave baked potato bag.

Fold the edges of the opening in toward the inside and line them up so they match the rest of the edges and clip in place.

Top stitch at 1/8 inch starting at your opening to close it and continue around the entire bag.

Hands using a sewing ruler to fold one of the sides on a microwave baked potato bag.

Lay your bag out with the exterior facing up and fold the right side toward the left about 5 inches.

Hands folding the left side of a fabric microwave baked potato bag during it's construction.

Now fold the left side toward the right and overlap the right edge by about an inch to 1 ½ inches.

Clip both of the sides so your folds don't shift around in the next step.

Sew directly on top of your previous seam or just to the left of it to attach the folds and enclose the first seam so you won’t see it from the outside.

Flip your bag right side out through the opening and if you want it to look really good, give it one last press with the iron.

A printed instruction and care tag for a fabric microwave baked potato bag.

That’s it! It’s ready to use or give away. Just don’t forget to include the tag so they know what it is, how to use it and how to wash it.

A baked potato with sour cream, cheese and bacon bits made with the fabric microwave baked potato bag sitting to the left of the plate.

And if you make one for yourself, here are some of our favorite things to put on baked potatoes: sour cream, cheese, green onions, cooked broccoli, bacon bits, ranch dressing, chili and a seasoning from Penzey’s called Fox Point which is great on just about everything.

An instruction and care tag to attach to a fabric microwave baked potato bag.

Happy crafting!


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