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Quickly sew up the cutest way to make tooth fairy visits much easier

Three tooth fairy pockets that hang on a door by a ribbon loop with a felt tooth glued to the front.

Anyone else dread Tooth Fairy night? I am referring to that magical day when the tooth has finally come out of the kid’s mouth and he or she is eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Tooth Fairy. First of all, the Tooth Fairy needs to remember that there’s a tooth waiting. Is this a struggle for anyone else?! One of my kids waited THREE DAYS from the time the tooth fell out before the Tooth Fairy visited because “The Tooth Fairy was so busy she just couldn’t make it to our house.”  And then when the Tooth Fairy did actually make the journey, the prize was much larger than normal to make up for the delay. Can’t afford to make that a regular occurrence with all the teeth that have to come out eventually.

My second issue with Tooth Fairy night is the stealth required. Never mind that the fairy has to enter the room of a sleeping child. She also needs to somehow extract said tooth from under the pillow of that same sleeping child who would just looooove to catch the Tooth Fairy in the act. How does she do it without waking anyone up?!

Well, at our house I’ve made it easy for the Tooth Fairy and any helpers she may have. I sewed up this quick, easy Tooth Fairy hanger that GOES ON THE DOORKNOB. I can’t even tell you how many times seeing that hanger on the doorknob was the only reason a child’s tooth was remembered at my house. And there’s no need to worry about disrupting sleep with pillow movement because, once again, ON THE DOORKNOB.

Come on, I'll show you how to make one!

Watch a video tutorial here:


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If you are using a Cricut or Silhouette:


Let's get started making a tooth fairy doorknob hanger: 

A printable with eyes and templates for a tooth and the pocket to make a tooth fairy pocket.

Let's start by downloading the templates for the eyes, the pocket, and the tooth.

Click the link at the bottom of this post, add your email and then check your inbox for an email from me. Inside the email there will be a button that says "confirm and get the download". The png will automatically download once you click on it.

If you double click the download it will open as a photo and you can print from this screen to create the templates for the pocket and the tooth.

You also use this download to cut the eyes with heat transfer vinyl (iron on vinyl) to add the eyes to your tooth. I have a Cricut so I will be doing this in Cricut Design Space. Do this by opening Cricut Design Space and uploading the png from wherever you downloaded the file on your computer. If you have trouble with this step, you can go here for a tutorial.

In Cricut Design Space, put the design on a new mat. Because the eyes and the template upload as one image, you now have to break everything apart.

A design in Cricut Design Space for a tooth fairy pocket to sew.

Select a square from the shapes on the left. I changed the color of the square just to make it easier to see all my pieces.

Unlock the padlock above the size of the square and then stretch the square to fit over the set of eyes you want to use.

Select both the eyes and the square and then click the slice button on the lower right.

Now you have three layers- the square with the eyes cut out (delete this layer), the eyes in the color of the square, and the original set of eyes. You can use either of the layers that have the eyes to cut out your design.

You will need to repeat these steps for the pupils if you want to make them a different color. Cover the pupils with a square, change the color of the square (I used white since this is the color I want to use for the pupils), and slice the layers.

Next resize the eyes you want to cut (and the pupils) so they are about 1 ¼ inches wide.

Once you have all the eyes separated you can delete the pocket and tooth templates.

Now you are ready to cut your heat transfer. Don’t forget to mirror your design before you cut. If you need help with any of this step, go here for a step-by-step tutorial.

Using your weeding tool, take out any areas of the design you don’t want like the background and the middles of the eyes.

Print the free tooth template, cut it out and use it to trace and cut the tooth shape from white felt.

Hands using a Cricut Easy Press Mini to iron eyes onto a felt tooth.

Then iron the design onto the felt. Just to be on the safe side, I used a piece of parchment paper over the felt so I didn’t burn it.

If you don't want to use heat transfer to make the face, you could also use fabric paint or even just a Sharpie.

Making the body of the Tooth Fairy Door Hanger:

Cut two pieces of cotton for the body of the hanger (I will call them panels from here on out) at 4 ½ inches wide and 5 ¾ inches tall.

Use the free template to cut the coordinating cotton fabric for the pocket that will go on the front of the hanger.

Hands holding cotton fabric to make a pocket for a tooth fairy pillow.

Fold the right sides of pocket together and sew with a ¼ inch seam allowance from the top of the right side, along the bottom edges and up the left side but leave about a 1 ½ inch section of the end open.

Hands using a wooden stick to push the corners out of a pocket sewn with blue cotton fabric.

Flip the pocket right side out. I like to use a stick I got in a back of Poly-fil to push all the corners completely out.

Fold the edges of the opening on the pocket inward ¼ inch and iron the whole pocket.

Take the pocket to the sewing machine and top stitch around the entire pocket which will close the opening and hold everything in place.

Hands holding a cotton pocket and a tooth cut from felt with eyes.

I like to sew a second a set of stitches 1/8 in from the top stitching to make it look more like a jeans pocket.

Next, glue the tooth to the front of the pocket you sewed. You could use fabric glue, but I like hot glue because it’s faster.

Hands pointing to the place on a cotton pocket to sew onto a larger piece of cotton fabric to make a tooth fairy door hanger.

Now center the pocket on the front of one of the pieces of cotton for the body of the hanger. For me there was an inch of space above and below the pocket. Sew the pocket onto the panel and place the stitches directly over the first top stitch line you made creating the pocket. BUT DON'T SEW ACROSS THE TOP OF THE POCKET. You need this to be open to put things like teeth and money in.

Hands holding the front and back pieces of cotton with a piece of ribbon clipped to the top to sew together and make a tooth fairy door hanger.

With your ribbon cut to 11 inches, clip the ends in place lined up at the top of the front panel. Place the ends ½ inch in from each edge and have the ribbon loop hanging down onto the front of the hanger panel.

Hands pointing to a section of cotton fabric marked with green sewing clips to not sew when making a tooth fairy door hanger.

Place the right sides of both the front and back panels together and clip them together. Mark a 2-inch section at the bottom to NOT sew in the next step.

Sew the pieces together with ¼ inch seam allowance, but do NOT sew that 2-inch section you marked.

Clip the corners of the fabric but do not clip the line you just sewed. This removes fabric bulk making the corners poke out more.

hands rolling the open edge of a cotton tooth fairy door hanger to the inside in preparation of sewing it shut.

Flip all of it right side out, making sure the corners are pushed out completely. Roll the edges of the opening in ¼ of an inch so the edges all line up. Iron the edges and the entire piece. I only iron on the back panel because I don't want to melt the iron on or the felt.

Use Poly-fil to stuff the tooth fairy door hanger.

Take it back to the sewing machine and sew shut the opening with a 1/8-inch seam allowance. I use a sewing stiletto to hold the edges together because the Poly-fil pushes them out a bit.

The doorknob hanger is ready for the next tooth to come out! Have fun making a bunch for your own household or to give away.

A tooth fairy pocket pillow hanging from a doorknob with money sticking out of the pocket.


Happy crafting!


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