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The handiest gift to sew - the one people will keep requesting

I have really easy, really useful, perfect-for-everyone gift idea for you – a wrist key chain, aka a wristlet keychain!

sewn wrist key chain and free tag to attach to give away

I know, I know, it doesn't sound very exciting, but trust me. Once you try one of these, you will never want to go back to dealing with your keys without. These have been one of my most popular gifts. Given some time to use them, many people have asked for new ones once they wear out the one I originally gave them.

Juggling backpacks, kids, groceries or your work or workout gear is so much easier on the way to your car when your keys are hanging from your wrist. These also possess magical powers – they make finding your keys at the bottom of a purse or bag much easier. Don't question the how of the magic - just know it works and you can pass along this magic to others. It is a really great teacher or coach present, especially if you attach it to the printable card I have here. Plus, they look super cute! What's not to love?

You can find a step by step video here.

Supplies to make a wrist key chain:

Ribbons and interfacing cut and ready to sew into wrist keychains.

* This post may contain affiliate links, which means I get a commission if you decide to make a purchase through my links, at no extra cost to you.*

10 ½ inches of 5/8 inch wide ribbon. I find grograin works the best. You can use the silky type too, but it tends to buckle a bit when sewn on, giving the edges a curled look.


10 1/2 inch long x 1 ½ inch wide piece of cotton fabric -

(if using fabric) 10 inch x 1 ½ inch iron on interfacing like Pellon SF101 -

Key fob hardware used to make wrist keychains.

1 inch wide key fob hardware - I bought mine from Amazon -

tools needed to make a wrist keychain

E6000 glue You can find this at any craft store, many grocery stores, Wal-Mart and Amazon -

sewing machine


duct tape



webbing cut to the right dimensions to sew into wrist keychains

1 inch wide cotton webbing - I found the one I used at Hobby Lobby in the fabric section. It is sold near the ribbon by the yard. I recommend using a darker color because these key chains get a LOT of use and white or lighter colors will look grungy much faster. Amazon also sells it -


1-inch wide nylon webbing cut 10 ½ inches long -


1-inch wide seat belt webbing cut 10 ½ inches long -

optional: Dritz Wash Away Wonder Tape (this is most helpful if you have decided to make it with nylon or seat belt webbing, or silky ribbon) -

Let's get started!

A lighter being used to melt the end of webbing to stop fraying on a wrist keychain.

First, cut your webbing and your ribbon or fabric. Ribbon should be 5/8 inch wide and 10 ½ inches long, and fabric should be 1 ½ inches wide and 10 ½ inches long. If you are using nylon webbing or ribbon, I suggest using a lighter to lightly and quickly burn the cut edges. I know it sounds crazy, but it melts it just enough to stop any future fraying.

Iron interfacing onto cotton fabric for wrist keychains.

If you are using cotton fabric and interfacing, cut both pieces. Iron the interfacing onto the back of the fabric by placing the bumpy side against the back of the fabric and following the directions of the interfacing to attach it.

fold sides in on fabric and iron in place so when sewn the raw edges will not show

Next, fold your fabric in half the long way and iron it. Open up the fabric and fold one of the long sides of the fabric up to meet the line you just created and press it with the iron.

Ironing fabric to make wrist keychains.

Now fold the opposite side up to meet the middle and press it. You have successfully hidden the long raw edges.

Placing ribbon onto webbing to sew wrist keychains.

Whether using ribbon or fabric you have ironed, now is the time to place it on the webbing centering it and lining it up with the top and bottom. I use sewing clips like these Clover Wonder Clips (Assortment/50 pcs.) : Office Products to hold it in place. You could also use pins but for some reason, no matter how careful I am, I stick myself with one of those little buggers every single time and I avoid them when I can. You don't have to clip or pin them but if they slide at all during the sewing you will be able to see it (ask me how I know that).

Using Dritz Wash Away Wonder Tape to secure fabric to webbing for wrist keychains.

f you'd like a little more security (and this works especially well if you are using nylon webbing or silky ribbon because that stuff is slippery), you can flip the ribbon or fabric over and run Dritz Wash Away Wonder Tape up the center, peel off the backing, and press down onto your webbing. I also clip these in place. This should help hold it in place while you are sewing.

Sewing fabric in place on a wrist keychain.

Next sew down each of the two long sides of the ribbon or fabric 1/8 inch from the edge, attaching it to your webbing. I usually sew down one long side, across the short end and back up instead of just along the long sides so that I only start and stop one time. This means fewer threads to cut.

Clipping the ends together to sew a wrist keychain.

To help hold the whole thing together I recommend placing the ends together and sewing across the bottom at an 1/8 inch to secure it so it doesn't shift when you put it into the key hardware.

Using pliers covered in duct tape to squeeze key fob shut on diy wrist keychain.

Now, it's time to add your key fob hardware. I covered the end of my needle nose pliers with duck tape so I wouldn't scratch or damage the metal hardware. Squeeze a bit of E6000 glue onto the inside flat piece of the hardware.

Placing both ends of the webbing and ribbon into the metal claw area, just squeeze the metal pieces together. After my initial squeeze, I move the pliers around and continue to squeeze the hardware for all I'm worth to make sure it's good and tight.

DIy wrist keychains with a key attached.

Let the whole thing dry for a few hours or over night and you're set! A great way to package these is to attach them to a card like this one. You can access this printable card for free in my resource library.

Free printable gift tags for wrist keychains.

Happy crafting!!


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