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DIY the Mother's Day Gifts They Will Love and Actually Use

A collection of photographs of craft projects to make for mothers day.

With Mother's Day just around the corner, I have been making plans for the gifts I want to make this year. I wanted to give you a list of all my favorite gifts to make for the mothers in your life - the ones that will be LOVED and actually used.

These are the gifts I have given myself (and even use myself). They are the ones that have been used for years by the recipients and that I get requests for when they finally wear out.

I have tutorials and videos for each of these gift ideas and in many cases free gift tags or printables to go along with them.

Let's jump right in!

This post may contain affiliate links which means at no extra cost to you I may receive a commission if you decide to make a purchase through my links.

A glass cutting board with words and names etched into it.

These cutting boards not only work well you can use the free pngs from the tutorial and a Cricut or Silhouette to add a fun saying or the names of kids or grandkids! It's a fast, easy project with endless customization options and it only requires a few supplies.

A glass baking dish with a last name etched into the side.

You can etch a last name or saying into the side of a glass dish too! Glass baking dishes are so handy and if you follow this tutorial you can personalize them which takes the gift to the next level of awesome.

Plus, with a name on the side of the dish, no one else will accidentally take it home from a potluck or event. And if it gets left behind accidentally, no one will wonder whose home it belongs in!

An apron made with the leg of a pair of jeans with the words Baking is My Superpower, three cupcakes and some cooking utensils ironed onto the front.

Everyone needs a good apron and this the best one around in my opinion. They are heavy duty so they can handle any mess you can throw at it. I love the pocket on the front because it's perfect for holding your cell phone while you work. And, best of all, the neck straps are adjustable so this apron will fit anyone who wears it without the ties hanging down and getting in the way.

They are made with the leg of a pair of jeans and you can personalize the apron with a Cricut or Silhouette and heat transfer vinyl to make it even better!

A backpack with keys and a wrist keychain with Mickey Mouse on it hanging out of a backpack.

Magical powers you say? Yes, I stand by that statement. While this keychain makes it convenient to carry keys on your wrist while juggling backpacks, kids, groceries or work gear, it also magically allows you to find your keys quickly even when they are at the bottom of a purse or bag. I can't explain how it works, but trust me, it does.

These are one of the gifts I get asked for time and time again. Once their original key chain wears out, many people have asked for new ones because they don't want to go back to keys without one.

A compilation of seasonal crocheted hats that fit on a marshmallow mug.

If you crochet or want to learn (and you will love it, so why not?), you can make 12-months of adorable Marshmallow Mug hats. They are super cute, look awesome on a tiered tray and are small enough to decorate any living spaces. I personally love to decorate for all the different holidays and these are a quick, easy way to change things out each month.

I have free patterns for the whole year available and for most months, I have not one, but two designs! There are 20 patterns in all.

Two dish towels hanging from a handle that are snapped together in the front with plastic snaps.

Ever feel like picking up and replacing the dish towel that has slipped or dropped on the floor is slowly eating away at your sanity? With just one plastic snap you can end that battle for a mom and keep dish towels in place.

Plus, I have a free printable gift tag that explains how to hang the dish towels so they look extra cute.

A black, silver and red sunglasses holder attached to a car's sun visor with elastic.

This fast, easy project makes it simple to keep track of glasses or sunglasses in the car. It keeps them up and protected on the car's sun visor when not in use. It also ends the never-ending search for glasses that have ended up lost or on the floor of the car.

Don't need want to keep the glasses on the sun visor? Just don't sew on the elastic to the back and they are a protective but cute glasses case made with Mom's favorite colors.

A hand opening a fabric baked potato bag to show a potato inside.

This beginner-friendly sewing project gives the owner a way to make a delicious meal in minutes. This fabric microwave bag makes the best baked potatoes in MINUTES.

Moist, fluffy baked potatoes can be ready in 5 minutes and the bag can cook between one and four at a time. And if you add all the yummy things to baked potatoes like our family does, they are a full (and unexpectedly filling) complete meal.

This is a great gift for a mom making meals for little ones because it's fast and easy; the mom of teenagers because they can use the bag to make meals for themselves; and the mom whose kids are already out of the house because she can make just enough for herself and a significant other.

I even have a free printable tag to attach to the bag that explains its use and care instructions.

Three disposable coffee cups with handmade coffee sleeves on them and three gift tags attached with ribbons.

If the mom in your life drinks coffee or tea, these reusable and REVERSIBLE cup sleeves are handy and can be made with any cotton fabric, so the possibilities are practically endless. They wash easily and work great, and you can customize the size to fit any cup!

I also have a free printable gift tag that can be turned into a gift card holder so you can include a trip to her favorite coffee shop too!

Five fruit shaped crocheted pot holders sitting on a glass table along with a glass container full of water, ice and lemons and limes.

This is another great crochet project that makes a great gift! These fruity potholders are the best - they look great and have a removable cork trivet inside making them firm and study but are also easily washed.

They will brighten up any kitchen and bring a summery vibe to any deck or table.

Three steel tumblers with powder coating with designs etched into the side.

Are you looking for a gift idea for someone who makes it a goal to drink water though out the day? Or maybe one who works out and needs a good water bottle to hydrate? Or even a person who wants to keep coffee or tea hot for a long time?

Water bottles/tumblers are very popular with people of all ages and with just a few supplies and a Cricut or Silhouette, you can etch any design or name into a powder-coated water bottle/tumbler that you want - and it will NEVER peel off, rub off or wash away.

I hope you found some great ideas for gifts you want to make for the women in your life (or yourself)!

If you haven't already, don't forget to subscribe so you're notified when new patterns and projects come out!

Happy crafting!


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